Dr. Breidahl aims to retain the personality and individuality of his patients – working toward a natural, balanced result, in the safest environment.

Dermal Filler

Dr. Breidahl works to create subtle changes to improve appearance, without the tell-tale signs of surgery. This is achieved through approaching a procedure from several angles, with a number of small changes creating a more natural overall effect. For example, a patient requesting upper eyelid surgery may experience a significant change through having the bulk of this excess upper eyelid skin removed. Alternatively, through removing only half this skin in conjunction with a subtle Brow Lift a more balanced result is achieved and with minimal evidence of surgery.

With an artist’s sensitivity to the interplay of symmetry, balance and aesthetic harmony, Dr. Breidahl appreciates the elements that inform an attractive appearance.

For example, rather than approaching the nose as an individual structure a rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) procedure may also improve the appearance of the eyes and lips if the surgery is performed to balance and compliment the rest of the face. Consequently, a subtle chin augmentation or reduction can be an important accompaniment to rhinoplasty to achieve a harmonious facial profile.

Patient Safety



No matter how small the risk, your safety and comfort is central to Dr. Breidahl’s model of care. For example, with eyelid surgery, there is a 1:40,000 risk of blindness resulting from a rare bleed behind the eye. Although many surgeons will perform this operation as a day procedure Dr. Breidahl strongly recommends staying in hospital overnight. Patients can then be safely monitored for a potential bleed and this can be swiftly identified and treated, mitigating the risk of blindness.

Similarly, for liposuction procedures where significant quantities of fat are to be removed Dr. Breidahl recommends an overnight stay in hospital. Patients can then be safely monitored for bleeding and the potential for fluid imbalance – a complication associated with day surgery liposuction. The extra cost of an overnight stay is a small price to pay for the extra safety, comfort and peace of mind provided by inpatient care.

For cosmetic surgery Dr. Breidahl meets with patients at least twice before their procedure. This provides an opportunity for patients to discuss expectations, gain valuable information, assess potential complications and feel as safe and comfortable as possible prior to surgery.