Neck lift


A neck lift is usually performed as an integral part of a facelift.

The neck can be unsatisfactory due to a deficiency of the jaw bone, an excess of skin and or fat, platsyma muscle overactivity or a combination of these. 

In certain circumstances it is possible to perform a neck lift as an isolated procedure, particularly if your problem is limited to just one of the causes.

For instance, if the problem is a fatty excess alone, then liposculpture may be all that is needed. If it is some platysmal muscle bands or submental fat excess a surgical neck lift alone may produce excellent results. However if you also have jowls developing with a sagging jaw line, then a neck lift alone may make your jowls more obvious, and Dr Breidahl may recommend a midface lift as well.

Dr Breidahl will assess you at your consultation and be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment.